About Ace Tours Thailand

Ace Tours Thailand are a Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) registered motorcycle tour company. We offer the best and most spectacular routes, delivering the ultimate tailored motorcycle adventure. We are based in Chiang Mai, which is famous amongst bikers throughout the world. 

Taking the Motorcycle touring scene by storm

Riding with Ace Tours is about you. It’s about showing you the best Thailand has to offer from the saddle of a motorcycle. We have set tours; mapped, surveyed and ready in every detail for you to join and enjoy under the safe guidance of our professional office and on-road team.

If you have your sights on specific destination, routes or attractions within Northern Thailand, we can apply our experience and skillset into making your dream ride a reality! Working with our team to create a custom tour that fits your vision is easy and fun within itself, then seeing those plans come to fruition will be a motorcycle trip like no other.

We took the following approach to create the most comprehensive motorcycle tour service in Thailand:-

  • Created a legal Thai company.
  • Created an office, workshop and classroom in Chiang Mai.
  • Purchased a fleet of 2019/2020 Suzuki and Kawasaki touring bikes.
  • Designed an insurance plan that looks after the tour participants.
  • Gained the top level TAT license for touring in Thailand and neighbouring countries.
  • Put safety first.
  • Partnered with the best hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.
  • Designed a series of stunning tours in 2020 and 2021 that will amaze and enthrall. The headline tour being the 10 day MotoGP tour in November.

Our Team

To encapsulate the wonderous possibilities of motorcycle tours in Thailand, we knew that a fiery passion for riding was essential but nowhere near enough. Ace Tours was born as one motorcycle lover’s idea, and the team he built around him easily built upon his affection for all things two wheels, but it was the team members added beyond this point that made the company what it truly is; a capable tour provider that delivers quality and experience in equal measure.

Out on the roads and trails of Thailand, you will be accompanied by an unparalleled ensemble of riders and support staff. Our tour guides are in the saddle just like you, leading the way and coordinating with one, two or more support riders depending on your tour group size and circumstances. They not only keep the journey running smooth while wheels are turning, but show you locations that showcase the best cultural and local experiences Thailand has to offer along your chosen route.

Four-wheeled support vehicles either follow each tour group or travel in close proximity, meeting the riders at key points and destinations enroute, ever ready to provide assistance in any way and ensuring your motorcycle remains in top trim each and every day of your ride.

It is this combination of dedicated associates both back at home base and sharing the winding roads with you that allow your tour to remain focused on unforgettable moments both in and out of the saddle.

Every tour is planned in detail to ensure that you get the best riding and cultural experiences that Thailand and Southeast Asia has to offer. Ride off the beaten tracks with us. Allow us to guide you though the best roads in Thailand, but for those with perhaps more experienced of, we are happy to organise a highly tailored tour that will suit you best in terms of number of days, terrain and distance that you want to ride.

You can mix in a number of spare days to enjoy activities such as massage, spas, golf fishing, shooting, cycling, hiking, rafting or visiting ancient monuments and temples.


We offer tailored motorcycle tours in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Fully guided and supported motorcycle tours. From budget touring to 5-star luxury motorcycle tours, we are your complete tour concierge service

  • Family-friendly.
  • Fully insured.
  • TAT licenced.

Contact Ace Tours

Tel:  +66 0909 180 436 (TH)
Tel:  +44 t.b.a  (UK)
Email: info@acetoursthailand.com

Ace Bike Tours Office
365/8 Tambon Nong Phueng
Amphur Saraphi
Chiang Mai
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