Honda Safety Riding Park

Honda Safety Riding Park has many classes: pre-riding, pre-clutch, driving licence, basic course, basic big bike, big bike skilled riding, big bike advanced, dirt kid basic, dirt kid experience, dirt bike basic, dirt bike pro and dirt drill.

The Honda Safety Riding Park is the best motor school in Chiang Mai with professional English-speaking instructors.

Join Ace Tours for a course at the Honda Park in Chiang Mai, followed by a 1-3 day local bike tour based in Chiang Mai.

Learn to ride performance bikes with performance control. Ensure your riding has the maximum skill and form. Basic to Advanced courses within the full practice road course.
1. Basic Big bike Course
2. Skill Riding Course
3. Advance Course
Course: 1 day (6 Hours.) 9:00am - 4:00pm

BEGINNER COURSES (Pre-Riding & Pre-Clutch)
A perfect course for those new to riding a motorbike. Learn the safety riding elements and techniques.
1. Pre-Riding : learn with an automatic motorcycle
2. Pre-Clutch : learn with a manual motorcycle
Course: 2 day from 9:00am - 4:00pm

Learn the new experience of Dirt bike and Enduro style with a course that will give you a riding skill from basic to advanced. Using Honda CRF250L and CRF125 bikes.
1. Dirt bike basic
2. Dirt bike experience
3. Dirt Pro
Course: 1 day 9:00am - 4:00pm

First time for kids to experience motorcycles. They will have fun and learn to ride in a safe environment. Using a small 50cc dirtbike.
1. Dirt kid basic
2. Dirt kid experience
Course: 1 day 9:00am - 4:00pm

  • Each course price covers EVERYTHING except food and snacks.
    Your bike, protective gear and insurance is covered in the course price.
  • They have English speaking staff and instructors
    Not all staff and instructors speak English, but they do have staff and instructors available who do.
  • The changing facilities are excellent.
    They have lockers and but you must leave your drivers licence or ID to get a key, and then exchange back at the end of the course. They have showers (but you need to bring your own towel).
  • Drinking water is provided in the gear room.
  • There is a snack shop and a coffee shop on site.
    Lunch is available over the main road to one of the restaurants.
  • You can ONLY ride HONDA bikes
    The training centre provides a Honda – or use your own Honda). You cannot take any of the courses and ride another make of bike.
  • You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course
  • You MUST begin courses at a lower level first before progressing.
    Even if experienced you must still do base level courses and move up. This is to ensure that you really do have the basics covered. This will iron out any bad habits!
  • There is an official Alpine Star store within the main building.
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