Loei Province

Loei is one of the most sparsely populated provinces of Thailand, located in the north east in Isan.

Loei City is a nice stop in your motorcycle tour to Isan in the North East of Thailand. Loei is one of the most attractive Thai provinces. You can see the mighty Mekong river or climb up mountains covered in fog.

The best time to come to Loei province is during Phi Ta Khon Festival held in July in Dan Sai City. Phi Ta Khon is one of the unique Thai traditional festivals of the Loei province.  Loei province is mountainous and isolated region of Thailand and offers incredible landscapes wonderful national parks.

Chiang Khan District

Situated on the Mekong river with Laos on the other side, the town of Chiang Khan is a centre for traditional Thai culture. 3km away lies Kaeng Khut Khu which has a large cluster of colourful boulders that are clearly visible during the dry season and totally submerged in other seasons.

Phu Ruea National Park

This national park shares the border with Laos and is almost 1400 m above sea level. It's also famous for its eerie fogs that cling to the mountain slopes.

Loei Province
A glass skywalk 80 metres above the Mekong River at at Phu Khok Ngio in Chiang Khan district
Phu Kra Dueng National Park
Phu Ruea National Park
Kaeng Khut Khu
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