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Located on a beautiful lake (known as Kwan Phayao) surrounded by palm trees and mountains, Phayao is a picturesque Thai town that gets few tourists.

Located on a beautiful silver shimmering lake (known as Kwan Phayao) surrounded by palm trees and mountains in the distance, Phayao is a very picturesque Thai town that receives surprisingly few tourists. Phayao sits between two National Parks; Doi Phu Nang National Park and Mae Yom National Park, both of which offer superb challenging roads.

Phayao is a 140km ride from our base in Chiang Mai. You pass spectacular mountain scenery, and numerous waterfalls. The route is one of the best motorcycle journeys in Thailand. Phayao is one of the more  attractive towns in Northern Thailand. Its setting on the lake and wetland of Kwan Phayao gives the place a feel of pure nature. The tree-lined streets, temples and traditional wooden houses of Phayao town provide a traditional feel.

The whole region is unspoiled in terms of natural beauty. Many fertile rice fields and rolling hills are untouched over hundreds of years. The Huai Ton Phueng Waterfall just over an hours ride away from the Phayao.


Phayao Thailand
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