Motorcycle Tours for Businesses

It is so important to share experiences, and a motorcycle journey can build team relationships and make bonds stronger. Shared adventures, discoveries, and new experiences help to people to bond and work towards a common goal.

Ace Tours is built on teamwork. Team building is among the most important investments you can make in your business, helping to maximize employee retention and productivity. When the whole team works together towards a common goal, the business thrives. A motorcycle tour offers experiences that will help bond people together. People are challenged and encouraged to get outside their comfort zones

Touring as a group creates a greater understanding, empathy, and respect for different people and cultures. It‘s diversity training at its best.

Team building works because the idea is simple yet amazingly productive. At Ace Bike Tours, we know the right recipe for fun, adventure, and challenge to get people involved and working together effectively.

  • Helping locals (community work or an environmental project)
  • Environmental
  • Blind food tasting
  • Team leader roles
  • "I'm a Celebrity" style challenges
  • Hiking
  • River crossings
  • Skill challenges
  • Rope challenges
  • Jungle survival skills
  • Quizzes and competitions
  • Map reading & navigation
  • Motorcycle orienteering
  • Wildlife identification

Riding through jungles and rain forests or through mountain passes is a world away from computer screens and the daily grind of office work. Touring will guarantee that everyone has lots of fun which helps to bring people together in a positive way.

If you want to boost team spirits and make productivity soar, contact us and we can design the perfect team building experience for you. A motorcycle tour can test your skills and relationships to the max. We face unexpected obstacles such as heavy rain or a river crossing.

We offer tailor made experiences and ride the most scenic motorcycle routes. We strive to engage in cultural experiences that Thailand offers. Contact us to set up a tour for your organisation.

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We offer tailored motorcycle tours in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Fully guided and supported motorcycle tours. From budget touring to 5-star luxury motorcycle tours, we are your complete tour concierge service

  • Family-friendly.
  • Fully insured.
  • TAT licenced.

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